Client Account Access

Please contact our office to discuss which account login functionality best suites your needs. We offer various ways for you to view your accounts because everyone has different preferences. For questions regarding logging into your account or help with online account access setup please call our office (781)-740-4227 or send us a message below. We are happy to walk you through establishing online account access. 

Important NFS Account Login Update as of 2023! 

All users (including those with existing IDs) need to go to click Register to create a User ID.  The client's existing user IDs are tied to Cantella and will not have the Cambridge accounts.  The existing user IDs will no longer be used.

As part of the registration process, the system will automatically link all accounts tied to the your SSN (e.g. if a client has an IRA, joint account, and is the trustee of a trust, all 3 accounts should be linked).  The client will be prompted to provide their information and they will receive their ID immediately.

Questions regarding online login or online account setup? 

Thank you!