#1 Introduction

We offer complimentary initial phone conversation and/or in person meeting to determine if we are able to help and service you.

 #2 Establish Relationship

Meet to understand client’s personal circumstances and financial picture.

Identify the client (e.g., individual, family, business, organization).

Learn what is important to the client.

Explain scope of services we offer. 

Assess and communicate our ability to meet the client’s needs and expectations

 #3 Gather Data & Discuss Goals

Gather facts, data and documents regarding client’s finances.

Discuss the client’s values and attitudes.

Spend time reviewing client's priorities and goals whether it be retirement, generating income, or simply starting to put money aside for the future, etc.

Explore the client’s time horizon for each goal.

 #4 Analyze Financial Situation

  • Analyze client's current financial situation and what they have done thus far to reach their goals
  • Evaluate the strengths and vulnerabilities of the client’s current financial situation

#5 Develop & Provide various recommendations

  • Discuss various ways one can invest based on their goals (provide the pros and cons of various alternatives)
  • Detail each scenario and seek client feedback
  • Educate Client’s on various recommendations made
  • Discuss if we will need to interact with other professionals the client works with ie: CPA, Attorney.

Step #6 Finalize Recommendation

  • Finalize recommendation client and advisor feel is best for client’s situation
  • Once again educate client on way their money will be invested

 #7 Clarity

  • Ensure client leaves our office with peace of mind and an understanding of what's happening to their money
  • We encourage clients to contact our team at any point with your questions or concerns.

#8 Stay Connected

  • In person meetings, phone conversations or video conferences as often as client desires
  • Evaluate changes in the client’s personal circumstances
  • Review the performance of investments with the client and progress towards goals (ie: retirement)
  • Provide client ongoing education of their accounts and portfolios

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